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24.06.2014 Eesti Loodus Päevapilt

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William C. Van Duyni avakõne Bilderbergide 2014 aasta kohtumiselt

14.06.2014 Maailmapoliitika

Pole teada, kas see kõne ka tõsi on, aga vahva on ta ikkagi.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Let me welcome you at the 60nd edition of the Bilderberg meeting here in Copenhagen..
Since the creation of the Bilderberg meeting back in 1954, my father [William Gerrit Van Duyn], HRH Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld, Henry Kissinger, decided to organize an event to unite different entities from industry, politics and culture. After the fourth Meeting back in 1958, the Bilderberg members put together the conditions of the Treaty of Rome. It was finally signed and the European Community was born with 6 States members. Today the European Community contents 28 countries. And today the Bilderbergers advise 134 states members.

Today, my speech will be officially published by our new enemy : the Media.
Bilderberg isn´t a secret society, never was. Perhaps in the eyes of the population, but what we did is we kept our topics and decision to ourselves. We are not an evil. I do not have an all-seeing eye. My ancestors only made sure the Eye is on the [U.S.] dollar bill.

Bilderberg is no conspiracy, but people and conspiracists with their infantile fantasies see it as such. None of you, and I don’t care how powerful you are, sit around the table in a dark room, holding hands, staring at a crystal ball, planning the world´s future.

The exuberant myth created by conspiracy theorists, journalists, and media moguls has been fabricated about the image of the Bilderberg. But are they really the cause of our consequences? Didn’t we involve ourselves into this luxurious secretive, mystical image? Going back in time, I am today in conversation with a certain controversial researcher who studied the Illuminati for more than 2 decades [Fritz Springmeier]. I respect this gentleman for his courage and vision.
I want to change history.

I do believe that mankind has a right to their future. The population is frustrated, manipulated, and demoralized by their own leaders. They live in their own Cartesian fantasies with the hope God will sent a messiah to save their soul! God has other plans with humanity. He creates the balance between good and evil.

Time changes: and I am glad to feel those changes. I feel a general awareness and singularities of awaken ones….People are beginning to ask me the good questions. Their main question is „what is right?” It´s a phenomenon of response and reaction to an overly felt perception that the entire world is doomed to catastrophe, poverty, injustice and misery.

What makes the Bilderberg so strong?
It is because of its perseverance. Members are coming and leaving, guests come and go but the system grows stronger and stronger. No president, no king, no dictator, nor prime minister dares to criticize my name nor the Bilderbergers, and they know they are the puppets of the powerful Illuminati working from behind the scenes.

The general economy is collapsing. People are grasped by something they don’t always understand. But, it forces them to act in a blind way for their own interest.

That’s what they are doing in major countries and certainly in the United States: the anthropic country! Hillary Clinton told me yesterday it´s like a streaming movement came upon America and washed its pride away. As people realise that their existence is threatened, they pray to God, blame their government, the Bilderbergers and the King of Satan called the Illuminati.

At the recent Council on Foreign Relations speech in Brussels a few days ago, I warned that a “global population awareness,” was threatening a revolution towards their governments.

You come from very different ideological, economic, cultural and political backgrounds. What unites us is that we are all determined to find the solution for humanity and its humankind.

And those who work for their own greediness, success and hunger for fame, who have sold their nations like the Bushs, Mugabe, Orban, Al-Bashir, Kim Jong-Un, are traitors. Not only traitors of their people and their nations, but for humanity as a whole entity.

The subject of this Bilderberg meeting is the One World Government..
Seven years ago the economy of Europe almost collapsed. It wasn’t because of the Europe’s weak economy. It came right to us from the United States of America with their unstable banking system.

The bursting of the U.S. housing bubbles which peaked in 2006 caused the values of securities tied to U.S. real estate pricing to plummet, damaging financial institutions globally without mentioning the national debts. World economy crisis because of American housing? Because of their gluttony? Does the rest of the world economy need to rely on US economy?

Another key is implemented in the United States: a universal principle of welfare on which the United States is based. But welfare does not mean a useless bum sitting on the couch, eating a pizza, slobbering the beer over himself, watching television, while he/she is waiting for an unemployment check to arrive.

Please ask an average man the intention of the existence of humans, or of government? Would his/her answer be to provide for the general welfare of future generations of mankind? I don’t think so.

People want a Nation, an Empire. Educate the people that is what they want: globalization. People believe that in order to have an Empire, you need money. But money is not a result of wealth. The economy is not based on money but on production and innovation. Money does not make the world go around. Money has no value. When families are harvesting their own vegetables and fruits in their garden they have more value and real money.

Human Mind Control. Human Minds affect the planet. This is how it is measured. It means immortality for the Soul of humankind. We are able to enjoy the universal principles. It allows people to innovate, to believe, and to harmonize the relation between man and nature. Human are destroying their own life on purpose by their hunger for higher living standards. They are digging their own grave pushed by their own debts. If humanity doesn’t change its attitude, 35% of the population will be wiped out. They destroy their own creative power with no reason.

Population blamed on the depression. But the 2008 depression was not an event that wiped out the world capitalists. It was meant to make the world population aware of their greediness and laziness in their life, to let them face the spectacle of poverty. They blame the banks, the governments, and all of us.

Let’s give them what they want:
Why don’t we give them the right of ruling the nature of economy, social welfare, the game of the wars and the innovation of the future…. The Greeks are blowing the European system with their unpayable debts. The French are voting the Front National to rescue the French patriotism. The Italians are Italians. I do not ask you to be too emotional, we’re not Spanish. I even don’t want to go the direction of Eastern Europe, Russia nor Asia.
And then comes Brussels and the European Community. Let’s fire them all. Those horrible useless people, sitting in nice conference room, kick out Herman Van Rompuy (sorry Herman) but he is useless. Brussels the evil city of the world ruled by the Illuminati.
Washington, those wet rags…fighting between dumb Republicans with their belief in guns and gospels against the stupid Democrats with their socialism ideology following the rules of Lenin. Ask a Republican redneck the difference between socialism and facism or the democrats about guns and gospel….. Does the government even know about the needs of its citizens? Do they know about the middle class and its poverty? Are they aware about the lack of education of its citizens? The truth behind the abomination of the health system? We need to resolve the American problem for its population. With a stronger America we will be able to influence the world economy in the right direction for humanitarian purposes. We will have a better understanding in the Asian Market. Guns, gospels, and socialism will not help them. Each single American has to do it by him/herself.

Population will rule perfectly the world for the greater good of Humanity!

I am talking about morality, and not scientific nor economic problems. Do people think about their future in 10 years? What kind of future will they have in 5 decades? Do they have a right to dream? Who are the bad guys here?

I told myself all humanity must be saved. But is it really possible? The brutality in humanity only waits for the courageous and the sane human to perfect the concept of nations. I believe in the fraternity of Nations. But at the moment governments are ruling by their own personal political agendas manipulated by the interest of the industries either to solve the problems in their countries.

It is the duty of the Illuminati to control every movement within any government, to provide security to its population, therefore we create the rules, we decide about nations policy. The Bilderberg needs to guide the economic factors in the right direction and build trust within the population!

I refuse any secrecy of decisions made by us. Why should we continue to rule the system behind closed doors? Why wouldn’t we face the population with their own mirror and tell them: Hey! Wake up….
Bilderberg Meeting is tool of the Illuminati. It runs because of the Illuminati. Bilderberg is the strongest and most powerful association, the perfect concept for sound economic security, by keeping the world order in shape, and the initiator of mankind in the age of reason.

I want this Bilderberg to be the first meeting in a new direction providing openness to the population in regard and respect for the future generations.

Next year positive results will show to the world that we aren’t evil, but we help humanity because humanity isn’t able to rescue itself.

Positive Diversity is the only hallmark of progress with an insurance policy for the population.

Allikas: http://pentracks.com/blog/2014/05/william-c-van-duyns-opening-remarks-bilderberg-mtg-2014/

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Ego pildis, helis ja tekstis

2.05.2014 Ego Spirituaalsus

Revolver, Guy Richie, 2005


Why are you doing this to yourself, Jake?
It’s too tight, Jake.
We’ve got to get out.
You’re going to die in a tiny space, Jake.
Have to get out.
We’re stuck, stuck.
The walls are moving in.
It’s tight. I’m scared.
We’ve got to get out.

I can hear you.
I can hear you.


I can hear you.
I’m onto you.

Who takes care of the good times?
We’re a team.
We’re best pals, Jake.
You want to get rid of me?
Do you know life without me?
No. Because it doesn’t…
Do they talk about me, Jake?
Because I don’t exist.
Tell all your friends about me then, Jake?
I protect you and I control you.
I say do, you obey.
If I say you’re scared…
…you’re scared.
You’ve been listening to the other side, haven’t you, Jake?
Listening to people who want to hurt you.
New people. New.
Not old friends like me.
People you shouldn’t trust.
Not me.
I’ve been your friend forever, since the beginning.
Get rid of them, Jake, forever.
They’re the enemy, not me.
They’re new, I’m old.
I stay, they go.
I say, you do.
You do.
You’re weak without me, weak.
It’s us against them, Jake.
It’s us against them.

I’m coming to get you.

You want to get rid of me?
You want to make an enemy out of me?
You want to get rid of me, do you?
Do you?
You want to get rid of me, me, me, me?
Still here, Jake?
How long have I looked after you?
You can’t win this one without me.
You know why?
I am you.

You ain’t me.

The greatest con that he ever pulled, was making you believe that he is you.

You ain’t me.

I am you.

You’re not me.

Come on.
Your best fucking friend.
I am you.

You don’t control me.
I control you.

Autoõnnetuse lõik:

Tekst, inglise keeles:

There is something about yourself that you don’t know.
Something that you will deny even exists until it’s too late to do anything about it.
It’s the only reason you get up in the morning, the only reason you suffer the shitty boss, the blood, the sweat and the tears.
This is because you want people to know how good, attractive, generous, funny, wild and clever you really are.
“Fear or revere me, but please think I’m special.”
We share an addiction.
We’re approval junkies.
We’re all in it for the slap on the back and the gold watch.
The “hip, hip, hoo-fucking-rah.”
Look at the clever boy with the badge, polishing his trophy.
Shine on, you crazy diamond.

Cos we’re just monkeys wrapped in suits, begging for the approval of others.
If we knew this, we wouldn’t do this.
Someone is hiding it from us.
And if you had a second chance, you would ask: “Why?”

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Paavst Francisele suhu pandud sõnad

1.03.2014 Maailmapoliitika

Ükskord ometi saab alustada emotsionaalse hüüatusega “Oo mu Jumal!” ja tegelikult kah adresseerida Kõigekõrgemat.

Eelmise aasta, 2013, detsembri alguses lekkis/tekkis netti Paavst Francise väljaütlemised Kolmandalt Vatikani Nõukogust, mis tekitasid tormi. Küll veeklaasis, aga siiski tormi. Paavst teatas katoliku kiriku kaasajastamisest, sest kirik olevat läbi teinud evolutsiooni. Kutsus inimesi üles tolerantsusele, arusaamisele, et tõde ei ole absoluutne, vaid arenev ja muutuv. Väitis, et Jumalat teenib iga inimene, kes on hooliv ja armastav.

The Third Vatican Council concluded today with Pope Francis announcing that Catholicism is now a “modern and reasonable religion, which has undergone evolutionary changes. The time has come to abandon all intolerance. We must recognize that religious truth evolves and changes. Truth is not absolute or set in stone. Even atheists acknowledge the divine. Through acts of love and charity the atheist acknowledges God as well, and redeems his own soul, becoming an active participant in the redemption of humanity.”

Diversity Chronicle

Paavst väitis ka, et Põrgut ei ole reaalselt olemas, väljendit kasutatakse kirjeldamaks eksinud hinge eraldatust. Lisaks nimetas Paavst lugu Aadamast ja Eevast, seega kogu Piiblit, mõistukõneks:

Through humility, soul searching, and prayerful contemplation we have gained a new understanding of certain dogmas. The church no longer believes in a literal hell where people suffer. This doctrine is incompatible with the infinite love of God. God is not a judge but a friend and a lover of humanity. God seeks not to condemn but only to embrace. Like the fable of Adam and Eve, we see hell as a literary device. Hell is merely a metaphor for the isolated soul, which like all souls ultimately will be united in love with God

Diversity Chronicle

Eelnevale lisaks väitis paavst, et kõik religioonid on tõesed, sest nad on tõesed inimeste südametes, viidates varem väljaöeldule, mille kohaselt ei ole olmas absoluutset tõde, seega ka mitte ühte teistest õigemat usku.

All religions are true, because they are true in the hearts of all those who believe in them. What other kind of truth is there? In the past, the church has been harsh on those it deemed morally wrong or sinful. Today, we no longer judge. Like a loving father, we never condemn our children. Our church is big enough for heterosexuals and homosexuals, for the pro-life and the pro-choice! For conservatives and liberals, even communists are welcome and have joined us. We all love and worship the same God.

Diversity Chronicle

Paavst mõistis hukka ka piibli, väites, et raamat on igivana ja tõed, mis sinna kirja pandud, ei ole enam tõesed, mõned neist vaat et lausvaled.

Uus armastav hoiak väljendub ka selles, et kirik tunnustab naisi kardinalide, piiskopide ja preestritena. Paavst Francis loodab näha kunagi ka naispaavsti.

Paavst näitas näpuga rassistidele, nimetades neid Saatana kehastuseks. Samuti hoiatas kõiki kristlasi, kes ei tunnista teisi usundeid, väljaviskamise eest:

Those who seek to deny a home to the migrant, to the African and the Muslim, risk their membership in the church. We will consider excommunication for those whose souls willingly dwell in the darkness and evil of intolerance and racism. Satan himself is a metaphor or a personification, for the collective evils of mankind. Today, these evils manifest foremost as racism, intolerance, religious persecution and bigotries of all kinds.

Diversity Chronicle

Kokkuvõttes teatas Paavst, et uus Katoliku kirik ei anna hinnaguid, armastab tingimusteta kõiki Jumala lapsi, st kõiki inimesi, seadmata neile tingimusi. Uus kirik ei jaga inimesi grupidesse vastavalt nende filosoofilistele hoiakutele — kiriku jaoks on nii abordi pooldaja, kui vastane, nii homo, kui ka hetero, nii muslim kui ka aafrika animist Jumala laps ning ta hoiab ja kaitseb neid kõiki. Uus kirik mõistab hukka vaid neid, kes oma mõtteis ja tegevuses on õelad, kurjad — rassistid, ekstremistid jne.

Paavst kõnnib Ema Teresa jälgedes:

There is only one God and He is God to all; therefore it is important that everyone is seen as equal before God. I’ve always said that we should help a Hindu become a better Hindu, a Muslim become a better Muslim, a Catholic become a better Catholic.

– Ema Teresa

Aga see kõik on vale.

Tõestust selle kohta, et Paavst selliseid asju väitnud oleks, ei ole olemas.

Veebileht, millel lugu ilmus, ei ole samuti tõsiseltvõetav, näiteks kolm päeva tagasi ilmus seal lugu “JUSTIN BIEBER COURAGEOUSLY ANNOUNCES HE IS GENDER-FLEXIBLE, SOMETIMES MALE, SOMETIMES FEMALE”.

Kõige suuremad Paavsti hukkamõistjad on kristlased. Kommentaarid erinevatel lehtedel refereeritud loo all on mürgised — nooli loobitakse nii Paavsti (Church’s Obama, Just a man jne), kui teiste uskude kohta. Jääb vägisi mulje, et kristlased on kitsarinnalised, õelad, rumalad, väiklased inimesed, kes kordavad järele mõtteid, millest nad aru ei saa ja kaitsevad ennast küsitavalt tõlgendatud piiblitsitaatidega, ignoreerides raamatu ebamugavamaid lõike.

Kogu selle loo teevad huvitavaks Paavst Francise eelnevad, dokumenteeritud, väljaütlemised, kus ta kinnitab, et Jumalat, kui füüsilist olendit, ei ole olemas, sest Jumal on kõikjal:

Finding God in all things is not an ‘empirical eureka.’ When we desire to encounter God, we would like to verify him immediately by an empirical method. But you cannot meet God this way. God is found in the gentle breeze perceived by Elijah. The senses that find God are the ones St. Ignatius called spiritual senses. Ignatius asks us to open our spiritual sensitivity to encounter God beyond a purely empirical approach. A contemplative attitude is necessary: it is the feeling that you are moving along the good path of understanding and affection toward things and situations. Profound peace, spiritual consolation, love of God and love of all things in God—this is the sign that you are on this right path.

America Magazine

… toetab naiste suuremat osa kiriku tegemistes:

It is necessary to broaden the opportunities for a stronger presence of women in the church. I am wary of a solution that can be reduced to a kind of ‘female machismo,’ because a woman has a different make-up than a man. But what I hear about the role of women is often inspired by an ideology of machismo. Women are asking deep questions that must be addressed. The church cannot be herself without the woman and her role. The woman is essential for the church.

America Magazine

… ei mõista kukka geisid:

When I meet a gay person, I have to distinguish between their being gay and being part of a lobby. If they accept the Lord and have goodwill, who am I to judge them? They shouldn’t be marginalized. The tendency is not the problem…they’re our brothers.

National Catholic Reporter

Lisaks veel avalik flirt teiste religioonidega.

Tahaks loota, et tegemist oli vatikani PR trikiga, et harjutada meid suunaga, kuhu Paavst Francis liigub. Olid üks tema mõte ju oma esimesel ülesastumisel, Suurel Reedel 2013 järgmine:

Let us remember this: God judges us by loving us. If I embrace his love then I am saved, if I refuse it, then I am condemned, not by him, but my own self, because God never condemns, he only loves and saves.

Paavst Francis, 29. märts 2013


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Probleem Wellingtonis…

28.02.2014 Aegvõtted Image states Uus-Meremaa Wellington

Wellingtonis panid tagurlikud linnakodanikud linnavõimudele kitse, et kesklinna kai ääres harrastavad jõmpsikad vettehüppeid. Linnavalitsuse vastus kitsedele oli kahetasemelise vettehüppetorni paigaldamine.


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Enesetapjad ehk grupisuitsiid

27.02.2014 Image states Päevapilt Tauranga Uus-Meremaa

“Kõigepealt hüppab paks, siis lükkan ma lokilamba alla ja lõpuks hüppan ise”


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Air New Zealands All-Blacks Boeing 777-300 landing in WLG/Wellington Airport

Aegvõtted Image states Päevapilt


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Mets 2013

2.02.2014 Image states Päevapilt

Spring in Estoniahttp://farm4.staticflickr.com/3799/8887918730_c64c10157f_z.jpghttp://farm3.staticflickr.com/2843/8887365145_8134545584_z.jpghttp://farm6.staticflickr.com/5337/9588667913_2747a6297b_z.jpghttp://farm6.staticflickr.com/5334/9706484845_32a182bcd8_z.jpghttp://farm4.staticflickr.com/3691/11708485905_4649bf8568_z.jpg

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Gorgon City – Ready For Your Love ft MNEK

26.01.2014 Rütm

Üks muusikapala, kaks esitust


Unfuckingbelievably talented shit versioon

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18.01.2014 Päevapilt Tallinn

http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3692/12012620583_e3c0a269c7_z.jpg http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3741/12012687264_a7f8ddea7e_z.jpg

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